Finding The Best Commercial Construction Company In Australia

Numerous businesses competing in the construction industry make it complex for the clients seeking the right commercial construction company to hire for their project. To attain that, one has to invest a significant amount of time in research and planning to select the company befitting their expectations. Contractors with whom you can interact comfortably are significant to keep the progress of your project going. Therefore, the commercial construction project being a big investment in the effort, professional time, and resources of a company requires thorough consideration while researching that specific company. Thus, questions inquired while hiring a construction company will ensure you about the people handling your project.

Questions that should be asked are listed below:

What sort of construction background do you have?

Company values, their expertise areas, and time while working as a commercial construction company are important to acknowledge before hiring. Because companies that have a reputable legacy comprise a track record that represents their sales pitch. Such contractors bid at the market rate as they are familiar with the cost required for this job to be done. Moreover, contractors experienced in this industry along with other service areas such as construction management and design-build are great options to choose from. A reputable company comprising already set procedures reduces the delays and additional expenses during the construction process. Thus, a construction company having all these factors assist in creating a smooth experience of construction.

What are some of your similar completed past projects?

Inquiring a construction company about their similar commercial projects would provide more insight into their dedication towards their work. As they will be proud and happy to share their previous accomplishments because they are familiar with the fact that all their work embodies the image of their company. The type of projects that the company works on determines with whom you are going to work.

What kind of timeline do you anticipate for a particular project?

Construction Company relies on timelines, therefore, businesses should have it prepared from design procedure to the complete construction. If a company gives a timeline that seems impossible then it would lead to the potential delays in promised completion as a firm would have an issue meeting them. A time frame should have flexibility in case of bad weather or possible interruptions.

What is your safety record?

A good company takes the safety of its workers seriously because any sort of injury at the workplace can hinder the work process. Therefore, companies having upright records regarding safety concerns resolve any problem rapidly as it arises to keep their project going. Moreover, if a construction company gets defensive over their safety record then they’re hiding something. Thus, a company more concerned about the thought of safety can also do better in other areas too.

Are Your Cost Projections Estimates or Fixed?

Having an established association with vendors and subcontractors leads to accurate estimations of the project’s cost which reflects a reputable construction company. Therefore, such a company becomes trust-able as they put fixed costs and stick to it rather than blindsiding their customer with extra hidden costs which would bring dissatisfaction in that work relation. A reputable construction company always offers fixed costs. Contact TradeCom Group today for all your commercial construction needs Call – 1300 301 888.

Different Types of Common Commercial Construction Projects

There are different types of projects in construction such as industrial, infrastructural, residential, and commercial. However, types of commercial projects depend upon the different clients who desire to construct a specific commercial structure. Customers look for the right type of construction while selecting a commercial build that involves zoning codes, land purchase, and area selection. But the most important requirement is the choice of the right commercial construction company. Moreover, commercial construction includes an assembly of projects as a vast construction sector. Several common commercial construction developments in the current marketplace that can be constructed by the right company are given below.

Office Buildings

There is a variety of such buildings that comprises different functional facilities from smaller businesses to complex skyscrapers. However, high-rise scrapers can comprise numerous businesses in their huge framework. Which requires setting up with individual differences rather than having the same setup for the whole building. Furthermore, other necessities of construction such as fire escapes, and bathrooms must be a dynamic concern.

Shopping Malls, Retail and Grocery Stores

The retail store can be a small store inside a shopping mall or an individual separate store. Retail stores having multiple branches require branding and consistency. The layout of these buildings is significant for construction and renovation as customers visit all such places on regular basis. Therefore, both inner and outer look must be considered for fluid movement and a more presentable appearance.

Lodging Accommodations

Such accommodations concentrate on the hotel and motel industry. And building these facilities requires specific requirements such as easy fire exist, size of the room, privacy, and comfort level. Furthermore, few projects of construction motels are basic whereas, huge hotels claim to be engaged with an experienced company for their commercial construction. Likewise, such construction needs water and power distribution along with soundproofing and only a knowledgeable contractor can deal with it because quality construction is challenging.


Restaurants are a total brand experience that should not only be suitable for perfect dine-in but also provide an environment to escape from their daily routines. Moreover, restaurant chains should conform to the corporation’s guidelines for successful construction. Coming up with an innovative and unique approach for the individual establishment, construction, and corporation team can provide employee versatility and customer comfort. However, it has a significant difference from other projects as it requires more electrical planning and safety protocols specifically for the kitchen area.

Industrial Constructions

Industrial constructs are massive as these include warehouses and factories. Therefore, companies manufacturing daily-based items require storage areas to accommodate huge machines, equipment, and raw materials. Thus, such machines need high ceilings and good ventilation to be constructed for safety measures.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are unlike other common construction projects as these include intricate structures such as diagnostic centers, clinics, laboratories, rehabilitation centers, and physical therapy centers. These projects involve thorough planning for electrical configurations and plumbing. All these capacities need manufacturing for the easy patient and personnel movement. Most importantly, a proper placement area for life-saving equipment is also required. Hence, only an experienced professional construction company can provide better plans and build.

Sports Structures

Athletic construction projects comprise stadiums, fitness centers, and gymnasiums. These also include small playing arenas and sports complexes for high schools. All these structures require proper seating and related items in the whole project whole completely considering the visitor’s safety.

TradeCom Group, a Right Choice

Being residential and commercial builders, the TradeCom Group provides property maintenance, repair contractors, and quality construction services to its clients. Our head office is in Sydney which is maintaining services in both New Zealand and Australia along with competent tradesmen and skillful workers according to the need of a project. TradeCom Group is one-stop maintenance and building service which has been satisfying its customers since 2001. Call 1300 301 888 now for a quick free onsite consult.

Industrial Construction Building—The Need For A New Facility

Each logistic business, a manufacturing company, production house, and industry desires to expand its businesses. However, aiming to grow and expand takes difficult planning without knowing how fast you’ll grow. Whether, it’s building a new facility or renovating the existing one, estimating budget, assessing growth plans, evaluating their needs, and visualizing how fast they’ll expand is taken under consideration.

New Facility or Upgrading an Older One

However, selecting amongst these two actions; requirements, and expansion plans is mandatory. An ancient building having lots of structural damage only required to be built as a new facility. Because it would be more expensive and time-consuming for an older structure to renovate. And numerous decades old built buildings might have outdated electrical systems which would become difficult for a novel technology to work in a good way with old retrofits. Moreover, updating already present buildings can make your expansion limited. Whereas, constructing a brand new facility would require extra money and time for completion. While upgrading existing structures or building new facilities both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Issues That Can Cause Repair Difficult

The level of effort is another significant aspect to be contemplated while deciding. Therefore, an extensive method to attain mandatory permissions might cause charges and doubts. Whether you decide to renovate an already present facility or construct a new one, you must consider the perceived cost, constructability, and setting up issues while deciding.
Sometimes, it’s not possible to renew an old facility because buildings built before 1978 were constructed using a harmful material called asbestos. Thus, there might be termites damaging the wood and you additionally need weather retrofits and seismic. If the concrete rebar had been rusted, it would need expensive repair.

Conducting A Need Analysis

Need analysis is must afore working on any industrial construction project to know whether an old building must be renovated or choose a new facility. An already constructed company, location, size, and age might hinder the desired advancements. Moreover, only an experienced eye can visualize how loading dock changes can improve effectiveness.
If a building is fifty or more than 50 years old, outdated systems of electricity would not work with retrofits. If it doesn’t need an overall change then upgrading specific areas can let that building survive for another decade. Thus, floor plan rearrangements may improve productivity and overhead conveyer belt installation may make product movement easier. Hence, for recognizing objectives, a deep effort has to be made for analyzing machinery and equipment. All of this requires engineering and design, hence, work with a reputed construction company to get better results.

Hire an Expert Industrial Construction Company

To build a new facility or maintain and repair an older one, you need an expert’s assistance. TradeCom group is one of the reliable trusted companies in Sydney and serves all in Australia. A company that is committed to helping owners make accurate decisions to repair or maintain their building. The contractors at TradeCom group are competent enough to determine the needs your existing facility requires whether it is a strata block, commercial premises, or residential property.
TradeCom Group can re-image your existing manufacturing plants to maximize productivity or space. Our design team detects the spaces that can be upgraded in terms of plumbing and electricity. Furthermore, our design team can recommend to you everything require for a new facility. You’ll attain one-point contact, at reasonable costs, with an open communication line. If you have a residential or commercial project, call 1300 301 888 to help.