Optimum Timing for Exterior Painting of Your Commercial Building

The exterior of your commercial building is a lot more than just a simple wall. Moreover, it’s a critical line of defence against foreign elements that play a pivotal role in your property’s value and curb appeal. Over time, however, even the most volatile pain can become subject to weather damage, wear and fading. 

Wondering when is the right time to line up a fresh coat of paint and hire the top painting contractors in Australia for your commercial masterpiece? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

Combating the Signs of Time:

One of the most obvious indicators of the need for repainting is a visible deterioration of your already-painted walls. Notice the most common signs like cracking, excessive fading, peeling or blistering. These instances not only impact the aesthetics of your building but also expose the underlying structure that has the potential to water damage and further deterioration.

Weather Watching:

The role of weather stands paramount in the lifespan of your exterior paint. Ideally, you can schedule your painting and plastering services for a period with consistent, low humidity and mild temperatures. Make sure to check the weather pattern in your region. In general, in Australia, spring or fall often provide optimal conditions for exterior painting projects on commercial buildings. Avoiding extremes of heat, cold and rain ensures optimal paint adhesion and a long-lasting finish too. 

Maintaining Your Investment:

Attention property owners! Never wait for the last moment till it turns to complete paint failure. Remember, the top professional painters nearby conduct regular inspections that are key to catching even the most minor issues at the earliest. This proactive approach can save you money in the long run by preventing more expensive repairs down the line. The best you can do is to schedule periodic inspections by qualified professionals to assess the present condition of your building’s exterior and identify the areas that need touch-ups or repainting before a full-scale project becomes mandatory.

Optimising Building Performance:

Modern paints often come with additional perks beyond aesthetics. Consider exploring options that offer improved energy efficiency or enhanced resistance to mould and mildew, common concerns in modern commercial buildings. Investing in such high-quality paints might require a slightly higher initial cost but the long-term benefits in terms of energy savings and reduced maintenance needs can be significant.

Tradecom Group: The Top-Rated Painting Contractors in Australia, Your Trusted Partner in Commercial Building Painting Solutions

Top Rated Painting Construction In Australia

At Tradecom Group, we understand the unique challenges of commercial painting projects. Our experienced team of professionals possesses the expertise and resources to ensure a smooth and successful project execution. We offer a comprehensive range of painting and plastering services for commercial buildings in Australia. Our team prioritises meticulous planning, utilises advanced access techniques for commercial structures and employs top-quality paints specifically formulated for Australian weather conditions.

Tip of The Day: Don’t wait for your commercial exterior to show signs of wear and tear. Contact Tradecom Group today for a FREE consultation. Our team will assess your building’s specific needs and recommend the optimal timeframe for your exterior painting project. We’ll work closely with you to ensure a seamless process that minimises disruption and delivers a stunning, long-lasting finish for your commercial building.

By being proactive and choosing the right time for a paint job, you can maintain the beauty and value of your commercial investment for years to come.

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Your Roadmap to Identifying the Perfect Plastering Service Provider in Australia

Are you looking for a highly professional plastering service provider in Australia?

We understand that this search for a pro-level plastering service can be a total pain. But don’t worry!

We are breaking it down for you with some useful tips to make your plasterer hunt way easier. This guide will show you exactly what to look for when choosing the best plasterer in Australia.

Taking a Good Hard Look

First up, reach out to some local plastering companies in your area and see what they’re about. Don’t just stop there, ask your neighbors or older friends about this too.

Ask – where did they get those plaster cracks fixed up? How was the contractor’s work? Your people will definitely keep it real and give you the honest scoop.

Prepare the Measurements

Before you start calling around, make sure you’ve got all the wall and ceiling measurements locked and loaded. You’ll need those measurements when you’re getting quotes from plasterers.

Having the exact measurements means you can get way more accurate cost estimates for the job. That way, you can easily compare quotes.

Of course, there are other factors that’ll affect the total price too – like if you need any decorative plaster work or damage repairs done. But taking measurements first is necessary.

Only Go with Qualified and Licensed Plasterers

Don’t just hire any random handyman off the street for your plaster job. If you want that flawless look, you need to go with a licensed plasterer in Australia.

So, look for skilled pros with years of experience under their belts. They know all the insider tricks and have that official license to back it up. Hiring one of these experts ensures that you will get a professional, warranty-covered job.

Prioritise Expertise

Experience is key. Perfecting that plaster work takes time and training to master all the little details. An experienced plasterer will know exactly what it takes to bring that perfect touch to your place.

These plasterers usually specialise in certain areas too. So be sure to hire one who has tackled a bunch of jobs similar to yours before. Remember – more relevant experience equals higher quality results.

Quotation – a Big Play

Now for quotes, don’t just chase the cheapest price. We all know saving money is everyone’s desire, but you get what you pay for with plastering.

So, prioritise quality over everything. Hiring the cheapest plasterer is a way to end up with subpar results that you’ll seriously regret later on.

It’s clear that you don’t want an unprofessional plastering job that you’ll have to redo or live with indefinitely. Therefore, spend a little more to get quality plastering done right the first time around.

Any Last tip?

Read their customer reviews thoroughly. Check their website, Google listing, everywhere. Positive reviews are awesome, but don’t ignore any negative ones either. However, a painting and plastering company that has qualified staff and a great reputation should be the one to go with.

Bottom Line

Tradecom Group has a licensed and professionally trained team who have been in the painting and plastering service for years.

Our team has great experience across all kinds of painting and plastering services.

When you hire us, you can expect top-tier quality and a flawless finish every single time. We bring top-notch expertise, professionalism and meticulous attention to detail to every project.

The whole team is security-checked, suited up in full uniform and they’ll flash that ID before introducing themselves.

If you want that highly professional plastering service in Australia at a competitive rate, contact us today.

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Professional Plasterers: The Magic Makers in the Construction World

The two most familiar questions right at the beginning are:

Could you do your home plastering all yourself? Or, should you call a professional plasterer to shoulder the task?

While plastering may appear easy, it is best to hire a qualified team for the job. If you are presently looking for an efficient partner, there are many companies that you will find around. Although it is great to have a number of choices, it can make the job of choosing the right one even more difficult. Mostly, all companies appear to deliver similar services which can add to the confusion.

Here Are A Few Key Tips To Help You Choose The Right Plastering Service In Australia And Understand Its Importance.


The Fine Details.

This is the most vital reason to hire a professional plasterer. A good and comprehensive plastering service can enhance the appearance and structural integrity and increase the overall value of your property.

Not only that. Professional service providers know how essential it is to pay attention to the fine and intricate details. They understand that cutting corners can bring a poor outcome and that will directly bring a negative impact on their reputation.

Whether it’s the minute details in your kitchen, bathroom, living room or any other area, professional plasterers know it all and will always ensure that you are satisfied and don’t need to fix any hidden flaws.

Reputation And Experience


Looking for a professional possessing experience in the industry holds paramount importance.

However, there are many instances where experiences cannot be the only benchmark. As it does not always indicate proper expertise and reliability. Yes, it is true that it will give you a fair idea about their capability but that’s never the ultimatum.

Therefore, keeping a check on their reputation is also important. These days, online views and testimonials play a pivotal role in picturing the reputation of the organisation. However, you can also scroll through their social media profile to be more assured whether you would be happy to engage with the company or not.

Licensed And Insured

The company or the person you are hiring to get exceptional painting and plastering service should have a valid licence. All renowned companies will be happy to provide you with the proof and details. If not, skip hiring such residential painting and plastering contractors available nearby.

Tips of Right Plastering Services

Guarantee of Workmanship

This is non-negotiable and of utmost importance. A professional, well-established and credible plastering company will always guarantee their work. This will also indicate a proper timeline and ensure that the task is carried out on the basis of a decided time frame and budget.


Many have a common misconception that plastering is easy and can be accomplished alone. Even popular online sites are mantled with ample DIY suggestions.

Say NO to such wrong steps. Take action before it gets messier and save your time and budget by hiring professionals. Remember, a simple wrong step can result in disastrous results which may take a lot on your budget.

Tradecom Group: A Trusted Friend for All Your Painting And Plastering Needs

It can be tempting to have a local handyman to get the job done at a cheaper rate but remember that the services they offer can be cheaper too.

Trust us. We are a licensed and insured company. Our wealth of experience has proven to deliver the best outcome within your budget. From home plastering to roof painting, we cover it all.

Painting and Plastering Services

Our Range of Painting And Plastering Services Includes:

– Exterior and Interior Painting

– Structured Painting and Maintenance Programs

– Decorative and Heritage Finishes

– Protective and Industrial Coatings

– Wallpapering

– Lead Paint Treatment and Paint Removal

– Epoxy Floor Coverings

– Textured Coatings and Membranes.

Plus, all our team members are security checked, fully uniformed and present photographic ID as they introduce themselves to give all of their clients peace of mind.

Finishing Up:

Therefore, having a professional team by your side is excessively important to get an exemplary result. If you want to witness a flawless outcome, call our professionally trained and qualified team anytime.

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Which is the Best Painting and Plastering Company in Australia?

The plastering and painting of your home is never an easy task. It’s not the DIY activity we believe you should do. You will definitely want the plaster and paint to last a long time and that’s why it’s recommended to hire an expert.

Plastering and Painting in a Nutshell

Plastering is the process of protecting walls and ceilings from deterioration using plasters. Plastering is done to help prepare the wall before painting since it gives the surface a smooth finish. Plastering entails the process of applying a thin layer of cement mortar to cover and smoothen the surface of the walls. Plastering is required for restoration, protection as well as repair of the walls or ceiling surfaces. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of walls and improves their quality and longevity.

If you want the best outcome of painting, you must apply plastering to your walls. However, both plastering and painting require expertise and experience. And, for that, it is always best to look for a company that offers both plastering and painting services. Let’s discover the reasons why!

High-Quality Service 

When you hire a reputed and professional company that offers plastering and painting services, you can rest assured that you will get quality service at the best price. Certified plasterers and painters always have a plan to go about the preparation work. They also keep themselves up-to-date on the latest products and techniques to provide highly satisfactory services to the clients.


If you’re worried about the final outcome of the plastering and painting service, you can consult the experts. A company that works with both painting and plastering experts, you get exposure to a wide variety of ideas, painting options and advice. This will ensure you get the house renovation service of your dreams.

One-Stop-Source For Painting And Plastering

Professional plasterers and painters are equipped with the latest technologies and equipment to offer high-quality service irrespective of the size of the projects. They will carefully listen to your requirements and act accordingly to complete the project within the decided time and budget.

Tradecom Group- Your One-Stop-Solution for Plastering And Painting

Tradecom Group is a leading company that offers high-quality plastering and painting services in Australia. We are a licensed and insured company. And, the best thing is we are also eligible to participate in the Home Builders Compensation Fund.

Our Range of Painting & Plastering Services


● Exterior and Interior Painting
● Structured Painting and Maintenance Programs
● Decorative and Heritage Finishes
● Protective and Industrial Coatings
● Wallpapering
● Lead Paint Treatment and Paint Removal
● Epoxy Floor Coverings
● Textured Coatings and Membranes

Bottom Line

We work with a team of certified painters and plasterers who have years of experience in this field. Our residential painting contractors are certified as Accredited Painters by Dulux. Our work is exemplary and our painters always arrive prepared with the best quality paints and necessary tools to ensure a flawless outcome. We also pick plasterers based on their experience, professionalism and attention to detail to ensure a quality finish for your project. Furthermore, Our team makes sure your project complies with the local council requirements.

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