Why Plastering is Crucial for a Perfect Home Renovation?

Excited about your home renovation project? Want to increase the value of your home while enhancing its aesthetic appeal? Then, read on to discover the importance of plastering services in Australia before you paint your walls.

Maybe you don’t know, but plaster is the most popular and oldest material to be used before the painting process during home renovations. Whether it be ceilings or durable walls, the use of plaster has become more versatile over the years, allowing greater possibilities.

But the benefits of using plaster before painting your home during the renovations are not limited to just its versatility but more. Such as:

Reason #1: Plastering makes the Walls Durable-

While renovating your home, including adding a new home design or painting your walls, plastering the surfaces is necessary to create strong bonding between the paint and the ceilings or walls. Plus, its durable coating prevents cracks and chips over time.

Of course, we suggest avoiding DIY, especially when you have no knowledge and extra tools for a fast and smooth application. Count on professionals for painting and plastering services for any such home renovation projects, like:

– Structured painting

– Maintenance programs

– Interior and exterior painting

– Protective and textured coatings

– Epoxy floor coverings and more

Reason #2: Economical Option-

There are various options available in the market for plastering, but it is an economical choice compared to other alternatives. Plaster is quite reasonable compared to other options available. Moreover, using plaster before painting allows minimal maintenance, meaning you do not have to worry about frequent repair and maintenance costs.

Reason #3: Versatile to Create an Attractive and Unique Look-

Whether you are planning an exterior house painting or a complete home renovation, using plaster is a great idea, especially if you want to create unique intricate designs in your home interior or exterior. Plaster works on different materials to design an attractive look, brick, wood, metal and concrete.

Plus, you can colour it in any shade and personalise the overall aesthetic of your house by creating intricate patterns and designs using plaster. Thus, you can give a personal touch to your home.

Now, you should have an idea of widely used plasters in home renovations. Such as:

– Speaking of home renovations, gypsum plaster is perfect since it is easy to apply and takes minimal drying time. Also, it comes with high water resistance and strength, making it best for kitchens and bathrooms for its high moisture level.

Acrylic Plaster is also a great choice for home renovations for its water and fire-resistant feature, ease of application and fast drying technology.

Lime Plaster, a traditional option best for ceilings and walls for its breathability, durability and flexibility.

Cement Plaster is known for strength, durability and also water-resistant, making it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens for moisture control.

Bottom Line

So, while looking for residential painting contractors, count on us for house painting and plastering services in Australia. At Tradecom Group, we provide insured and licensed services. For a free consultation or a free quote, contact us now!

Which is the Best Painting and Plastering Company in Australia?

The plastering and painting of your home is never an easy task. It’s not the DIY activity we believe you should do. You will definitely want the plaster and paint to last a long time and that’s why it’s recommended to hire an expert.

Plastering and Painting in a Nutshell

Plastering is the process of protecting walls and ceilings from deterioration using plasters. Plastering is done to help prepare the wall before painting since it gives the surface a smooth finish. Plastering entails the process of applying a thin layer of cement mortar to cover and smoothen the surface of the walls. Plastering is required for restoration, protection as well as repair of the walls or ceiling surfaces. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of walls and improves their quality and longevity.

If you want the best outcome of painting, you must apply plastering to your walls. However, both plastering and painting require expertise and experience. And, for that, it is always best to look for a company that offers both plastering and painting services. Let’s discover the reasons why!

High-Quality Service 

When you hire a reputed and professional company that offers plastering and painting services, you can rest assured that you will get quality service at the best price. Certified plasterers and painters always have a plan to go about the preparation work. They also keep themselves up-to-date on the latest products and techniques to provide highly satisfactory services to the clients.


If you’re worried about the final outcome of the plastering and painting service, you can consult the experts. A company that works with both painting and plastering experts, you get exposure to a wide variety of ideas, painting options and advice. This will ensure you get the house renovation service of your dreams.

One-Stop-Source For Painting And Plastering

Professional plasterers and painters are equipped with the latest technologies and equipment to offer high-quality service irrespective of the size of the projects. They will carefully listen to your requirements and act accordingly to complete the project within the decided time and budget.

Tradecom Group- Your One-Stop-Solution for Plastering And Painting

Tradecom Group is a leading company that offers high-quality plastering and painting services in Australia. We are a licensed and insured company. And, the best thing is we are also eligible to participate in the Home Builders Compensation Fund.

Our Range of Painting & Plastering Services


● Exterior and Interior Painting
● Structured Painting and Maintenance Programs
● Decorative and Heritage Finishes
● Protective and Industrial Coatings
● Wallpapering
● Lead Paint Treatment and Paint Removal
● Epoxy Floor Coverings
● Textured Coatings and Membranes

Bottom Line

We work with a team of certified painters and plasterers who have years of experience in this field. Our residential painting contractors are certified as Accredited Painters by Dulux. Our work is exemplary and our painters always arrive prepared with the best quality paints and necessary tools to ensure a flawless outcome. We also pick plasterers based on their experience, professionalism and attention to detail to ensure a quality finish for your project. Furthermore, Our team makes sure your project complies with the local council requirements.

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