Is Roof Replacement the Best Option for Your Tiled Roof? Let’s Explore!

A new roof installation or roof restoration can breathe new life into your property, whether it be a small home, commercial premises or strata while providing essential protection from the harsh natural elements of Australia.

When looking for roofing services near me to extend the life of your roof for years to come, it’s important to choose the best option that suits your needs and budget. Not every roofing choice is suitable for a tiled roof.

Roof Replacement vs. Roof Restoration vs. Roof Repairs- Which is Best?

Most roofing companies in Australia offer three options when it comes to roofing services:

– Roof repairs

– Roof restorations

– Roof replacement

All these options are great for extending the lifespan and durability of your roof tiles. However, the right choice for your roof depends on its current condition. Considering that roof replacement is the most expensive option, it’s crucial to ensure first that your roof cannot be fixed with repair or restoration services. Here are some examples:

Signs of Roof Repair

Roof repairs are the least expensive roofing service of all. You can opt for roof repairs when you observe the following signs:

– Sagging roof

– Water leaks

– Blocked gutters

– Damaged shingles

– High energy bills

– Broken flashing

– Broken tiles etc.

In short, roof repair can be a great option when you need to patch up specific parts of your roof.

Signs of Roof Restoration

When you want to give your roof a facelift, like transforming your old roof into a new one, a roof restoration is a better alternative than repair or the entire roof replacement. Roof restorations include everything from high-pressure cleaning of every corner of your roof to fixing broken tiles, sealing, and painting to provide a stunning and durable finish. While it costs more than roof repairs, it is less expensive than replacing an entire tiled roof.

Look for the following signs to determine if your roof needs restoration:

– Water damage

– Colour fading of roof tiles

– Ceiling and internal wall leaks

– Aged roof

– Missing roof tiles

– Rust or corrosion

When searching for roof restorations near me, make sure you choose a reliable and reputable roofing contractor.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

Roof replacement in Australia is the most expensive option of all. That’s why most roofing contractors in Australia recommend considering if it is possible to repair or restore your roof. However, the costs can vary depending on different factors:

– Your property location

– Roof size and material costs

– Roof designs

– Labour costs

Roof replacement is the only option when the situation is beyond repair and restoration, such as a severely damaged roof. It involves removing the entire damaged roof and installing a new one in its place. Roof replacement is the best option if:

– Your roof has reached its average lifespan (e.g., 20 to 25 years)

– Your roof is severely damaged, and repair or restoration won’t provide much longevity.

– It will be more cost-effective than repairing your roof every year.

Moreover, roof replacement will allow you to improve the insulation of your roof and cut energy expenses up to some extent while giving it an aesthetic change.

Bottom Line

If your roof is severely damaged and beyond repair, roof replacement is undoubtedly the best option for your tiled roof. But the best way to decide is to consult with professional roofing contractors and see which option they recommend- roof replacement, roof repairs or restoration.

At Tradecom Group, we have a skilled and experienced team of roofing experts who deliver services such as roof installation, repairs, and restorations to the highest standards, according to your time and budget for residential, commercial, and strata projects.

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Why Choose a Professional Roofer for Restoration: The Ultimate Guide

Roofs are considered a critical part of our homes, and their construction and structural integrity determine the overall safety of the building. Additionally, roofs play a crucial role in protecting residents from external elements. However, like all building structures, roofs require maintenance from time to time. You may have surely noticed that your roof needs repairing or even a complete restoration. That is why you are reading this blog. But the question is, should you take on these jobs yourself or hire a professional roofing company? Let’s find the answer right now.

It’s essential to seek assistance from an expert roofing company if you don’t have prior experience in roof restoration or repair. Many professionals are trained and skilled in this field, with years of experience and knowledge. They can inspect and identify various roof issues you may have missed due to your lack of technical competence.

DIY restoration can be riskier. Undertaking repairs with no experience can compromise your safety and damage your roof. Therefore, you must always seek professionals for the restoration of roofing.

An easy way of finding roofing experts is to perform online searches using terms like roofing specialist near me. You can also rely on references provided by friends, neighbours, or family. Leverage the power of word of mouth when looking for a trusted roofer. In case you don’t get any leads from your contacts, then Google seems like the best option. Search for ‘roof restoration near me’ on Google and look at the top results.

You can also reach out to your local roofing or building contractors’ association and seek contact information for reliable roofers in your area. Irrespective of your search method, check the following factors regarding your potential roofing contractor before finalising the hiring decision:

– Work samples

– Client ratings and testimonials

– Experience in this field

– License and insurance

– Social media presence

– Roofing warranty etc.

We hope our suggestions help you find a trustworthy local roof repair company. But before initiating your search, remember that the quest for the best roofer can be labour-intensive and time-consuming. Thankfully you don’t have to invest your time and effort as you have already found us.

Tradecom Group is a Sydney-based builder offering a full spectrum of services, including new roof installation and old roof restoration. We undertake both residential and commercial projects across Oceania countries like Australia and New Zealand. Our roofers are well-equipped and trained to take on projects of all types and scales. Contact us now to avail yourself of the best roof repair services at an affordable rate and avert future structural issues.