What Can You Anticipate from an Expert Roof Inspection?

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Australia is amazing, but its harsh climate affects residential and commercial roofs a lot, especially when you don’t pay attention to their maintenance. Since it’s an integral and the most vital part of your home, considering a time-to-time roof inspection in Australia from experts is necessary for better roof maintenance. After all, a well-maintained roof can protect the overall structure of your building.

Ignoring time-to-time roof maintenance can lead to negative consequences. Yet, we suggest considering property maintenance services for a professional roof inspection.

What does a Professional Roof Inspection Refer to?

Generally, a roof has two different components- internal structure and outer structure. These two are connected to each other. If you overlook the external layer maintenance, it can damage the interior layout. For example, broken tiles can cause plaster issues or mould growth. And, a professional roof inspection can allow you to have an accurate roof inspection report for your roof’s interior and exterior structure.

Now, if you wonder whether there’s any need for getting your roof inspection professionally done, we say YES! After all, when you try to conduct the inspection yourself, there remains the risk of falling since you have to climb up a ladder and check the roof surface, including every tile.

However, even standing on that elevated spot, you cannot see every corner, especially when it’s a flat roof. In this case, you have to walk around the roof surface and pay attention to every single aspect, from the gutter to tiles to downspouts, chimney, vent and so on.

Can you manage all these yourself? Even if you are nodding, you cannot match the efficiency of roofing experts. During the roof inspection, they check every single tile while examining wear and tear and providing guidance, like lifespan estimation of your roof, whether roofing repair is necessary and much more. The roofing contractors can identify the condition of your roof, including flaw detection, and determine whether it is unsafe. The earlier you detect the roofing problems, the more you can save on roof repairs and maintenance costs.

Now, here’s what you can expect if you consider a professional roofing inspection:

Better Roof Maintenance:

Roof leaks are not simple to identify. In most cases, the building owners figure out roof leaking when things go out of hand and excessive water seeping damage the interior roof structure and the walls! The best way to keep your roof protected from the extreme climate of Australia is to hire roof inspections more frequently.

However, if you want to prevent roof leaks, here are the things you need to follow:

-Maintain the draining system of your roof
-Keep the gutter clean, like not letting the leaves accumulate, to avoid blocking the water flow
-Check the gutters and drain after the storm
-Apply proper coating, insulation and sealant
-Seal off every roof opening during the summer months

Make sure you consider professional roof inspection at least once a year and choose a company ensuring quality building services in Australia.

How to Know if It’s Time to Call for Professional Exterior and Interior Roof Inspection

Well, the best way is to look for the signs we are going to discuss here. Such as:

Interior Inspection


-Leaking water around the chimneys, attic, roof openings and vents
-Sagging ceiling and decking
-Water stains
-Soft and wet spots on the walls or ceiling
-Visible light from your roof

Exterior Inspection


-Missing or broken tiles
-Exposed nails
-Curled shingles
-Pooling on the flat roof
-Overflowing gutters
-Rusty metals in the chimneys and plumbing vents etc.

After a proper inspection, professional roofing experts will provide a roof inspection report mentioning whether you need roof repair or replacements.

Bottom Line

So, would you like to get a roof inspection today? We, Tradecom Group, are here for you. From roof restoration to new installation to general building maintenance, our experts can handle everything efficiently. So, for any roofing or renovation needs, just give us a call and get a free quote! Our trained roofing professionals will get you all covered. Reach out to us now!